Monday, June 9, 2008

Independent service learning

For my independent service learning hours I baby-sat for my next door neighbors and for my grandparents. I also participated in the Big brother/sister program. I helped a little girl (whose name I will not mention) learn how to remember her ABC's. I also participated in a alumni performance for my old school.

Motifs from Of Mice and Men (grade this)

After Reading the book and viewing the movie Of Mice and Men I have come to the conclusion that there are many occurring motifs. The motifs range from things like strengths and weaknesses of a character, death, loneliness, and even the corruptive power of women (as some people view it). For those of you who don’t know what a motif is a motif is something that occurs multiple times over a period of time. The book Of Mice and Men takes you on an emotional roller coaster within every page featuring motifs.

Could you imagine hardly being able to remember what you are told or the things you do. Well, one of the main characters Lennie was faced with mental retardation. He couldn’t do a lot of things by himself, but when it came down to working it was a no problem to him at all. Lennie had the strength of two men, and the mind- set of a toddler. George (another main character in Of Mice and Men) looked after Lennie. When Lennie got into a lot of trouble in which George bailed him out. Lennie was a very peaceful character until someone threatens George or when George gives him the word. In one part of the book/movie a young man named Cruley starts to slap him around. At first Lennie balled up into a ball, crying out for help, but then George gave him the word; he crushed Cruleys’ whole hand within his bare hand. Throughout the book/movie Lennie was faced with not knowing his own strength and having a weakness to mental retardation.
Death was also a motif featured in the book/movie. It seemed that every time something was going right a death occurs. It started off with the death of the mice that Lennie tried to keep in his pocket, and then it went to the killing of Candy’s dog. From the killing of Candy's dog to Lennies’ puppy, then the sudden death of Cruely’s wife, all the way down to the killing of Lennie himself. At first I stopped and asked myself why would the Author of the book put so many deaths in one little book? Then it dawned on me that the author might be trying to leave the reader thinking. Maybe the author wants us to question whether or not death can be a good thing along with a bad thing. Just think about it when Cruely’s wife died it was tragic for Cruely, but at the same time I think it was a relief. Because of the fact that Cruely’s wife was dead he didn’t have to worry about her cheating on him, or spending too much time in the barn or on the field. It was also a relief for the workers to know that they didn’t have to look over their shoulder as much trying to see if she was around. Another good/ bad death was the death of Lennie. I know that it was hard for people to say good-bye to their favorite character but in a way it was also a relief for George, although it tore him up inside. George was free to do as he pleased without having to look after Lennie, but at the same time miss him.

Another question that the author has me asking is “is it true what people say about females? I mean do we really have a corruptive power?” In the book/movie the only female in the book was said to have been a whore. They called her a whore because
she was always around the workers on the farm, instead of being with her husband is in the house. But did the workers ever stop to think that maybe she was lonely. Lonely because eof the fact that she had no friends, and no life. Yes, it’s true that she was always around the workers and yes, it was true that she flirted occasionally, but those were some of the very few things that she could do. I mean she couldn’t really stand her husband and who wants to sit in the house all day everyday, I know I wouldn’t. I truly don’t believe that Cruley’s wife wasn’t a whore. I think she was just lonely. And as far as the corruptive power of women, I believe that we do have a power, but not all of us it for evil.

In conclusion as I stated before there are many occurring motifs. They range from strengths and weaknesses to the “ corruptive power of women”. The book/movie “Of mice and Men” is a book that will leave you guessing and questioning so many things. It will also have your excitement at an all time high. I loved the book and the movie, but I would have to say that I liked the book better. I would recommend this book to people who can read on the lines and between the lines.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bloom's Taxonomy Questions

English Lesson Plans: "Two Kinds"

Objective:The objective of this lesson was for students to try and come to an understanding of why they are forced to do things at time that they don't want to do. 

Materials:The only materials that the students need were their textbooks and a piece of paper.
Activity:First the students were to read aloud from page 99 to page 101. Then the students were to describe the characters mother based on what they had just read. After that the students were to create a list of things that they are forced to do when they don't want to do it. We had a group discussion on whether on not they think that in the long run the things that they are forced to do will come in handy.

Student outcome: I believe that even though at times it did get noisy that the students understood what the lesson was about.

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